Lifting Straps Faqs

Q:What is the width of the strap?
The wrapping portion (goes around the bar) is 1.75 inches. The padded, wrist wrap, portion is 2.25 inches. Excellent grip, excellent feel.
Q:Is this a two-pack?
Yes. One for you left hand and one for your right hand
Q:What is the length of the padded portion?
The actual pad is approximately 5 1/2" long. I've been using these wrist straps for five months and I love them! They're well made and comfortable to use.
Q:Dumb question, but should you wear this with the wrist strap as well or in place of?
Hi! We assume you mean the Wrist Wraps. If so, the two products (lifting straps and wrist) are not meant to be worn at the same time.
Q:Is it possible to order a size small?
This is a one size fits all product