Wrist Wraps Faqs

Q:What size is recommended? Is the 18 more support
It depends on the type of workout you are doing. The 12" wraps are for everyday gym workouts that will offer great wrist support. The 18" wraps are built to offer extreme support for heavyweight powerlifting.
Q:Are these wraps on the stiffer side?
These wrist wraps are not stiff cardboard-like ones. They offer some flex so they won't dig into your skin but still maintain superior wrist support. If you are into regular weightlifting go for the 12" wraps. If you are into really heavy powerlifting go for the 18" wraps.
Q:What is the difference between 12 and 18
A little more support on the wrap. I use the 12s for light support on auxiliary exercises. For heavy benches and heavy flat Tri presses I use the 18s. In essence, it comes down to personal preference and personal comfort.
Q:How long is the (length) actual part of wrap around wrist not including the velcro part?.
9 inches
Q:I sometimes have pain in my wrist when doing pushups, what size would give me the best support, Thanks
The 12" wrist wraps should offer you enough support depending on your body weight. If you are 200+ lbs the 18" wraps offer a superior support for an extream amount of resistance on the wrist.
Q:is this a set of 2 or just 1 pc?
Set of 2.
Q:Is this like a heavy and or thicker material? Or is it like thin elastic material?
Hustle Athletics wrist wraps are a blend of premium cotton and elastic. They are a heavier / thicker material that offers better comfort and support.
Q:What does the thumb loop do?
The thumb loops will assist in putting on your wraps. Simply put the loop around your thumb and begin wrapping to your desired fit. Additionally, they can help prevent further movement of your wraps during exercise. But alot of users choose to simply tuck their thumb loops inside (between the skin and wraps) and out… see more.
Q:How tight do you wrap for maximum benefit ?
The tighter you wrap, the stiffer the setting. Stiffer usually means a more locked in setting. Most users opt for a simple snug fit to get the benefit of stiffness but some flexibility for comfort.
Q:As a female What length should I purchase?