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Hustle Athletics Booty Band

Hustle Athletics Booty Band

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  • Booty Builder: Get that round, juicy booty with Hustle Athletics resistance bands! This amazing fitness accessory provides everything you need to build an awesome pair of glutes that everybody will notice in an instant and make you feel great in your skin!
  • Lift And Tone: These professional workout bands activate the glutes, thighs, and legs muscles, stimulating fat burning, and muscle build. The results are a lift and tone effect, covering those hip dips and building a round booty that will look amazing in a tight dress!
  • Comfortable Use: Made with premium quality cotton, our booty bands are super comfortable to use, feeling very soft to the skin. The bands offer the perfect amount of resistance and the wide design prevents any pinches or pain, as in the rubber bands case.
  • Non-Slip Design: Hustle Athletics fitness bands feature 2 anti-slip strips on the inner part, which prevent the bands from slipping or rolling up during workouts. The soft cotton fabric is also durable and thick, contributing to the anti-slip design, so you can build an awesome booty with no hassle.
  • Multipurpose Bands: We designed our booty bands for women who want to shape and tone their bodies in no time! The bands provide a high, local resistance, so you can train specifically your glutes, thighs, and legs, following various exercises, such as squats, hip thrusts, hip abduction, and so many others, to build faster and better an awesome body that every other woman will envy!
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Hustle Athletics creates fitness products for those who are passionate to be better, stronger and bolder. Our gears will help you achieve your fitness goals and push you to achieve your peak performance. We believe in the the liberating power of fitness and how persistence yields progress in every workout.

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